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DoDAF Viewpoints and Models

Standards Viewpoint

The DoDAF-described Models within the Standards Viewpoint is the set of rules governing the arrangement, interaction, and interdependence of parts or elements of the Architectural Description. These sets of rules can be captured at the enterprise level and applied to each solution, while each solution's architectural description depicts only those rules pertinent to architecture described. Its purpose is to ensure that a solution satisfies a specified set of operational or capability requirements. The Standards Models capture the doctrinal, operational, business, technical, or industry implementation guidelines upon which engineering specifications are based, common building blocks are established, and solutions are developed. It includes a collection of the doctrinal, operational, business, technical, or industry standards, implementation conventions, standards options, rules, and criteria that can be organized into profiles that govern solution elements for a given architecture. Current DoD guidance requires the Technical Standards portions of models be produced from DISR to determine the minimum set of standards and guidelines for the acquisition of all DoD systems that produce, use, or exchange information.

Standard Model Descriptions

Models Descriptions
StdV-1 Standards Profile The listing of standards that apply to solution elements.
StdV-2 Standards Forecast The description of emerging standards and potential impact on current solution elements, within a set of time frames.


Uses of Standards Viewpoint DoDAF-described Models. The Standards Viewpoint can articulate the applicable policy, standards, guidance, constraints, and forecasts required by JCIDS, DAS, System Engineering, PPBE, Operations, other process owners, and decision-makers.

Mappings of the Standards Viewpoint DoDAF-described Models to the DM2 Concepts, Associations, and Attributes are in DM2 Concepts, Associations, and Attributes Mapping to DoDAF-described Models and are described in the DoDAF Meta-model Data Dictionary.