DCIO Resources & Analysis

DCIO R&A underpins all of DoD CIO's priority areas by managing
and overseeing the DoD IT & Cyberspace budget


Photograph of Chris Condon  

Ms. Christine Condon is the Deputy Chief Information Officer for Resource & Analysis, where she helps the organization serve as the DoD CIO focal point for the PPB&E process, including overseeing the development of the Department’s information technology and cybersecurity budget and associated budget justification materials provided to both the Office of Management and Budget and Congress. She also monitors and analyzes congressional activities and legislation as they affect command and control, communications, spectrum, IT, and defensive cybersecurity, as well as related issues and programs.

Photograph of Mark Gorak  

Mr. Mark Gorak is the Principal Director for the Deputy DoD CIO for Resources & Analysis. In this role, he ensures that IT and cyber priorities are appropriately resourced throughout DoD – including by the military Services, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and within DoD CIO.



DoD SealDeputy Chief Information Officer for Resources and Analysis is responsible for enabling DoD CIO to manage the Department's information technology spending, ensuring that DoD gets the most out of every dollar and that the Warfighter has the tools to do the mission. The Department's IT & cyberspace budget request for fiscal year 2018 was nearly $42 billion, which includes warfighting, command, control, and communications systems; computing services; enterprise services, like collaboration and e-mail; and business systems.

DCIO R&A is the focal point for the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPB&E) process, DoD CIO's congressional issues, and administration and management. Its sub organizations include Resource, Program, and Budget, which covers issues such as overseeing DoD IT & Cyberspace budget for the Office of Management and Budget and Congress; Administration and Management, which includes personnel management and congressional support; and Cyber Workforce which implements DoD efforts to transform the cyberspace workforce in support of U.S. national security priorities.

This organization underpins all of DoD CIO's priority areas by managing and overseeing the Department's IT & cyberspace budget to help the DoD CIO provide strategy, leadership, and guidance to create a unified information management and technology vision for the Department. This helps ensure that warfighters have the right IT/cyber, secure communications equipment, and capabilities that they need to execute their missions.