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Cyber Information Technology Exchange Program (CITEP)

CITEP provides a unique opportunity for DoD Components and private sector organizations to share best practices, gain a better understanding of cross-sector information technology operations and challenges, and partner to address these challenges. In addition, CITEP can be used to enhance the Information Technology (IT) and Cybersecurity (IT/Cybersecurity) competencies and technical skills of employees from the DoD civilian information technology workforce and their peers from the private sector.

Section 1106 of the National Defense Authorization Act, fiscal year 2014, extended the Temporary Exchange of Information Technology Personnel, referred to as the Information Technology Exchange Program (ITEP). Section 1123 of the fiscal year 2017 NDAA amended Section 1106 by adding the term “Cyber and” before “Information”, therefore renaming to Cyber and Information Technology Exchange Program (CITEP). This statute authorizes the temporary detail of DoD and private sector employees who work in the field of cyber operations or information technology to participate in an exchange between the two sectors.

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