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For DoD Participants

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Prospective Participants from DoD:

To be eligible for a detail DoD employees must:

• Be at the GS-11 level and above
• Work in the information technology field
• Be considered to be an exceptional employee
• Be expected to assume increased responsibilities in the future

Exceptional employee means performance meets or exceeds all standards established at the fully successful level or above and makes significant contributions towards achieving organizational goals. Participating organizations should target highly motivated, disciplined employees.
While detailed to a private sector organization, a DoD employee remains a federal employee without loss of employee rights and benefits.

Length of Detail:

An assignment shall be for a period of not less than three months and not more than one year, and may be extended in three-month increments for a total of not more than one additional year by both the CITEP Component POC and private sector organizations. This extension may be granted in three-month increments not to exceed one year.

Continued Service Obligation:

DoD employees are required to return to their employing Component upon completion of the detail for a time period equal to the length of the detail, plus any extensions.

Payment of Salary and Allowances:

DoD has full responsibility for payment of all salary and allowances to their employees participating in CITEP. DoD employees participating in CITEP are entitled to all benefits afforded to similar employees of their respective lending organizations, including medical care, according to subscribed plans and Worker’s Compensation for injuries sustained in the line of duty.

Business Training and Travel Expenses:

The receiving organization (recipient of the CITEP participant) may pay for any business training and travel expenses incurred by the employee while participating in CITEP. The employee shall provide vouchers and all supporting receipts to the receiving organization for review and approval.

A private sector organization may not charge the DoD or any agency of the federal government, as direct or indirect costs under a federal contract, for the costs of pay or benefits paid by that organization to an employee assigned to a DoD Component for the period of the detail.

Application Process:

If you meet the eligibility requirements above and are interested in participating in CITEP, please send your request to