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Social media is an integral part of Department of Defense operations. This site is designed to help the DoD community use social media and other Internet-based Capabilities (IbC) responsibly and effectively; both in official and unofficial (i.e., personal/private) capacities. It is essential for DoD employees to understand that many laws, and DoD policies and procedures apply to or include the use of IbC, even when such use is not specifically cited; for example, protection and control of classified and sensitive information is required when using IbC in both official and unofficial capacities. Rules and regulations about prohibited behavior, both on duty and off, apply when using IbC. Ethical behavior is required, both in official and unofficial use, and when using social media; for example, an employee may not post material to social media in either official or unofficial capacity that would constitute any kind of harassment (e.g., discriminatory or sexual), hate, bullying, hazing, retaliation or reprisal.

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