DODAF - DOD Architecture Framework Version 2.02 - DOD Deputy Chief Information Officer

DoDAF V2.0 Sitemap


Introduction, Overview, and Concepts: Introduces DoD architecture concepts and provides general guidance for development, use, and management of DoD architectures to help non-technical users understand the role of architecture in support of major decision support processes. The Primary audiences are Executives, Project Directors, & Managers. The resources are:

  • Background information for DoDAF.
  • Defining “Fit-for-Purpose” Architectures.
  • An overview of the Framework, DoDAF-based architecture development guidelines, and the historical background for DoDAF.
  • An Introduction to Enterprise Architecture, Federated Architecting, and Architecture Enterprise Services, and an introduction to the Federal Enterprise Architecture published by the OMB.
  • Addressing customer requirements in architecture development.
  • Methodology for architecture development.
  • Presentation methods and graphical views.
  • The DM2 Conceptual Model.
  • Analytics in support of architecture-based management analysis.
  • Security considerations for Architecture.
  • Guidance on configuration management (CM) of architectures, and the CM process for DoDAF.
  • Relationships among DoDAF and other architecture frameworks.

Architectural Data and Models. Describes the Meta-model data groups, and their associated models from a technical viewpoint. The primary audience are architects, program managers, portfolio managers, and other technically oriented architecture users. The resources are:

DoDAF Meta-model Physical Exchange Specification (DM2 PES). Relates the CDM structure, LDM relationships, associations, and business rules. The PES provides the constructs needed to enable exchange of data and derived information among users and COIs.