DODAF - DOD Architecture Framework Version 2.02 - DOD Deputy Chief Information Officer

DoDAF Viewpoints and Models

Project Viewpoint

The DoDAF-described Models within the Project Viewpoint describe how programs, projects, portfolios, or initiatives deliver capabilities, the organizations contributing to them, and dependencies between them. Previous versions of DoDAF took a traditional model of architecture in which descriptions of programs and projects were considered outside scope. To compensate for this, various DoDAF models represented the evolution of systems, technologies and standards (e.g., Systems and Services Evolution Description, Systems Technology Forecast, and Technical Standards Forecast).

The integration of Project Models (organizational and project-oriented) with the more traditional architecture models is a characteristic aspect of DoDAF V2.0-based enterprise Architectural Descriptions. These models expand the usability of the DoDAF by including information about programs, projects, portfolios, or initiatives and relating that information to capabilities and other programs, projects, portfolios, or initiatives thus expanding DoDAF’s support to the portfolio management (PfM) process. Different levels of cost data can be captured in the architecture, based on the Process-owners requirements. An example is a Work Breakdown Structure, depicted as a Gantt chart.

Project Model Descriptions

Model Description
PV-1: Project Portfolio Relationships It describes the dependency relationships between the organizations and projects and the organizational structures needed to manage a portfolio of projects.
PV-2: Project Timelines A timeline perspective on programs or projects, with the key milestones and interdependencies.
PV-3: Project to Capability Mapping A mapping of programs and projects to capabilities to show how the specific projects and program elements help to achieve a capability.


Mappings of the Project Viewpoint Viewpoint DoDAF-described Models to the DM2 Concepts, Associations, and Attributes are in DM2 Concepts, Associations, and Attributes Mapping to DoDAF-described Models. The DM2 Concepts, Associations, and Attributes are described in the DoDAF Meta-model Data Dictionary.

Uses of Project Viewpoint DoDAF-described Models. As stated above, the Project Viewpoint DoDAF-described Models contain information that improves DoDAF's support to the portfolio management process. It is important to be able to look across portfolios (i.e., groups of investments) to ensure that all possible alternatives for a particular decision have been exhausted to make the most informed decision possible in support of the Department. Relating project information to the responsible organizations, as well as to other projects, forms a valuable architecture construct that supports PfM.

Incorporation of these models also makes the DoDAF a value-added framework to support the PPBE process. These models are especially applicable to the Programming Phase of the PPBE process. It is within this phase that the Program Objective Memorandum (POM) is developed. The POM seeks to construct a balanced set of programs that respond to the guidance and priorities of the Joint Programming Guidance within fiscal constraints. When completed, the POM provides a fairly detailed and comprehensive description of the proposed programs, which can include a time-phased allocation of resources (personnel, funding, materiel, and information) by program projected into the future. The information captured within the Project models (e.g., project relationships, timelines, capabilities) can be used within the PPBE process to develop the POM. Using these models enables decision-makers to perform well-informed planning and complements the use of the Capability Models.

The Project Models can be used to answer questions such as:

  • What capabilities are delivered as part of this project?
  • Are there other projects that either affect or are affected by this project? To what portfolios do the projects or projects belong?
  • What are the important milestones relative to this project? When can I expect capabilities to be rendered by this project to be in place?