DODAF - DOD Architecture Framework Version 2.02 - DOD Deputy Chief Information Officer

DM2 Data Groups


The pedigree data group represents the workflow for a Resource. It describes the Activities used to produce a Resource, e.g., a piece of Information. Of particularly high importance for architectural descriptions, is the production of architecture description information. (Architecture descriptions are types of Information since Information describes some Thing and architecture descriptions describe the architecture.) All aspects of the production workflow are describable with the Pedigree data group including:

a. What Resources were consumed in the production of the Resource

b. What Performers performed the production

c. What Rules constrained the production activity

d. What metrics (Measures) applied to the production and the Resources consumed

e. Where did the production occur


Data Group Description

The DoDAF Meta Model for the data comprising Pedigree is shown in the figure below.

DoDAF Meta Model for Pedigree

DoDAF Meta Model for Pedigree
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Usage in Core Processes

Pedigree is used to demonstrate the rationale for architecture description choices. In many systems engineering and requirements analysis processes, it is the means by which traceability information is maintained.


Pedigree information is usually presented in traceability matrices, tables, or indented text. Sometime reverse-traceability information is presented, wherein the source (e.g., requirement) is listed and then the architectural artifacts that satisfy it are shown next.