DODAF - DOD Architecture Framework Version 2.02 - DOD Deputy Chief Information Officer

How to Use the DODAF Meta Model (DM2)

DM2 Data Dictionary and Model Files

The DM2 LDM description provides the essential aspects of the standard terminology used as the basis of DoDAF 2.0. The DM2 provides the standard data lexicon definitions and the logical relationships between elements of the lexicon. The DM2 defines the common architectural description lexicon across the 6 major processes of the DoD. That terminology and its mapping to other widely-used terms is contained in the DM2 Data Dictionary. The DM2 Data Dictionary is maintained in Microsoft Excel and has the following structure.

DM2 Data Dictionary Structure


It is best used using:

  1. Microsoft Excel data filters to see only the items of interest. This is particularly useful when examining the "monster matrix", by filtering to the DM2 elements that are necessary or optional in a view.
  2. Microsoft Excel "freeze panes" to view columns far to the right.
  3. Row and/or column grouping (some are already included) or hiding to see the information of interest. For instance, you may interested in the "monster matrix" but not the definitions, sources, etc.

To download the DM2 Data Dictionary, click here.

The detailed model description including the detailed definitions, relationships and the lexicon mapping to the DoDAF 2.0 views (models) are available as an Enterprise Architect (SPARX) file that can be viewed using a licensed copy of Enterprise Architect or a free viewer only. Since the DM2 is based on IDEAS, not UML, to see the diagrams correctly, an IDEAS profile should be installed.

  1. To download the DM2 EA file, click here.
  2. To navigate to the SPARX EA-lite site, click here.
  3. To navigate to the IDEAS Group site to download the IDEAS profile, click here.