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Capability Viewpoint - Capability Model Descriptions

CV-1: Vision

The CV-1 addresses the enterprise concerns associated with the overall vision for transformational endeavors and thus defines the strategic context for a group of capabilities. The purpose of a CV-1 is to provide a strategic context for the capabilities described in the Architectural Description. It also provides a high-level scope for the Architectural Description which is more general than the scenario-based scope defined in an OV-1.

The intended usage is communication of the strategic vision regarding capability development.

Detailed Description:

The CV-1 defines the strategic context for a group of capabilities described in the Architectural Description by outlining the vision for a capability area over a bounded period of time. It describes how high-level goals and strategy are to be delivered in capability terms. A CV-1 may provide the blueprint for a transformational initiative. The CV-1 may be primarily textual descriptions of the overarching objectives of the transformation or change program that the Enterprise is engaged in. Of key importance is the identification of Goals, together with the desired outcomes and measurable benefits associated with these.

CV-1: Vision

CV-2: Capability Taxonomy

CV-3: Capability Phasing

CV-4: Capability Dependencies

CV-5: Capability to Organizational Development Mapping

CV-6: Capability to Operational Activities Mapping

CV-7: Capability to Services Mapping