DCIO Information Enterprise

DCIO IE oversees and governs the digital modernization of the DoD Information Enterprise


Photograph of William Dunlap, Jr Mr. William Dunlap is the acting Deputy CIO (DCIO) for the Information Enterprise (IE). In this role, he provides oversight, policy guidance, and digital expertise for DoD enterprise infrastructure initiatives driving toward the objectives of digital modernization. He leads Department-wide execution of strategic guidance aimed at achieving an operationally effective and secure Information Enterprise in a cost-efficient manner. Areas of priority include network optimization, cloud adoption, software modernization, and IT reform.


DoD SealDeputy Chief Information Officer for Information Enterprise organization establishes information technology (IT) policy and guidance for the infrastructure components of the DoD Information Enterprise to include networks, compute, and software. In this capacity, the DCIO IE organization oversees and manages ongoing enterprise IT capabilities as well as Department-wide modernization and reform initiatives. These capabilities and initiatives must enable the seamless and secure use of data to solidify an operational advantage, establish a more reliable and resilient IT foundation in support of a more mobile and remote workforce, and ensure the continued evolution of IT in a manner that is both mission impactful and fiscally responsible.

The organization executes critical activities to both maintain and modernize the DoD Information Enterprise. Among the activities covered are network optimization across Defense Agencies and DoD Field Activities, cloud and software modernization adoption across the Department, and better implementation of collaboration and productivity capabilities across the defense workforce. In partnership with the other DCIOs and DoD Components at large, the efforts of the DCIO IE team are foundational to achieving successful IT outcomes across a diverse range of operational missions and ensures that information remains one of our nation’s greatest sources of power.

DCIO IE's directorates include DoD Information Network Modernization, focused on advancing DoD communications capabilities globally; Enterprise Capabilities, focused on driving adoption of proven infrastructure technologies (e.g., cloud and modern software development); and the Cloud Computing Program Office (CCPO), focused on the acquisition and execution of enterprise cloud programs.

As digital capabilities become increasingly critical in mission success, the DCIO IE organization will continue to press and act on priorities that ensure the Department’s military edge.