DCIO Cybersecurity

DCIO CS oversees the Department's cybersecurity policies and programs to preserve U.S. Military advantage and defend U.S. interests


Photograph of Mr. Mark Hakun        

Mr. Mark Hakun is the Acting Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity and the Acting Chief Information Security Officer within the Department of Defense (DoD). Mr. Hakun is responsible for ensuring the department has a well-defined and well-executed $8 billion cybersecurity program. He is responsible for coordinating cybersecurity standards, policies and procedures with other federal agencies, coalition partners and industry.



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The DCIO CS provides expert policy, technical, program, and Defense-wide oversight on all aspects and matters related to DoD Cybersecurity. The office oversees the integration of Defense-wide programs to protect the Department's critical infrastructure against advanced persistent threats, and assures coordination of cybersecurity standards, policies, and procedures with other federal agencies, coalition partners, and industry. The DCIO CS organizes and implements DoD efforts to transform the cyberspace workforce in support of U.S. national security priorities. The DCIO CS priority is to support the Department's Cyber Strategy and DoD CIO's Vision to deliver an information dominant domain to defeat our Nation's adversaries. Policies and programs are designed to:

  1. Ensure the Joint Force can achieve its missions in a contested cyberspace environment
  2. Strengthen the Joint Force ability to conduct cyberspace operations that enhance U.S. military advantages
  3. Supports the defense of U.S. critical infrastructure from malicious cyber activity that alone, or as part of a campaign, could cause a significant cyber incident
  4. Secure DoD information and systems against malicious cyber activity, including DoD information on non-DoD-owned networks
  5. Expand DoD cyber cooperation with interagency, industry, and international partners
  6. Promote a unified enterprise understanding of DoD's cyberspace workforce