Enterprise Approach to Collaboration and Productivity Services

    The Department of Defense faces a future that is increasingly dynamic, connected and global. We can no longer afford the stove-piped organizationally-specific requirements of the past. By exploiting the power of the modern enterprise, the Department is modernizing its IT infrastructure to increase mission effectiveness, business efficiency, and security, while, also seeking the highest return on investment. While this move toward enterprise-wide capabilities has resulted in a change in perspective, the benefits are evident.

    The strategic landscape of tomorrow demands integration of voice, video, and/or data services across a secure and highly available network infrastructure to serve as a force multiplier for the warfighter and business communities. To meet this need, the DoD is harnessing the IT knowledge of our government, mission, and commercial partners as it develops and procures a cloud-based suite of commercially-available enterprise collaboration and productivity services.

    To optimize the effectiveness of the procurement effort, each of the Services are working together to develop the operational requirements and industry is being engaged to ensure the final RFP will maximize effectiveness across the Department. As part of the acquisition effort, a draft Defense Enterprise Office Solution (DEOS) Request for Proposal (RFP) was released on February 10, 2017. Following this there will one on one sessions with industry. A final RFP is scheduled for release within a year.