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Photograph of Randy Conway Mr. Randall Conway is the Deputy Chief Information Officer for Information Enterprise (DCIO IE).  As the DCIO-IE, Mr. Conway provides technical expertise, policy guidance, and leadership to drive OSD processes and actions to realize an integrated Department-wide implementation of the Joint Information Environment (JIE) and its two primary sub-components called the Joint Regional Security Stack (JRSS) and the Mission Partner Environment Information System (MPE-IS). Additionally, he leads the CIO priorities in the areas of cloud computing, architecture development, and enterprise services for the larger DoD Information Enterprise. He supervises the development of implementation plans, budgets, their execution, measurements, resourcing strategies, and ensures DoD-wide information technology standards are prescribed and enforced and recommends the elimination of duplicative IT systems within the DoD information environment.

Photograph of Barbara Hoffman Ms. Barbara Hoffman serves as the Principal Director for the DCIO IE.

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The Deputy Chief Information Officer for Information Enterprise is responsible for integrating DoD policy

and guidance to create information advantages for Department personnel, organizations, and DoD mission partners. DCIO IE focuses on providing the leadership, strategy, and guidance to adopt a Joint Information Environment based on a signal, secure, reliable DoD-wide IT architecture, and key enabling enterprise capabilities.

DCIO IE’s sub organizations include Enterprise Capabilities, such as cloud and big data analytics, the Mission Partner Environment, and enterprise services; Architecture and Engineering, including architecture governance, policy, and framework; Strategy and Integration, which focuses on transitioning to JIE through strategy and synchronization; and Transport Infrastructure, like the Joint Regional Security Stacks, and tactical cloud.

This organization's top priority is fielding the Joint Regional Security Stacks. This leads the DoD CIO's top priority of modernizing the networks. It also works to distribute the Department’s data through cloud computing, and enable DoD to safely share with its multinational partners through the Mission Partner Environment. These efforts are critical to empowering secure, efficient, effective information technology for the Warfighter, because ensuring a strong IT backbone underlies innumerable efforts.


The top priority of DCIO IE is fielding the Joint Regional Security Stacks.