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Teri Takai’s challenges are ‘just like yours’

Most might assume the Defense Department’s chief information officer’s daily struggles differ significantly from other IT professionals’ obstacles. Everyone — except Teri Takai. “The leadership and transformation challenges that I have are not very different than your day-to-day challenges,” Takai told the audience at FedTalks 2013 on June 12. “Mine are just on a bit of a larger scale.”

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DoD rolls out Mobility Strategy

DoD CIO rolled out its Mobile Device Strategy meant to maximize the potential uses of mobile devices, and focuses on three key areas: wireless infrastructure, mobile devices and mobile applications. The goal is to keep these areas flexible and secure enough to benefit the warfighter and keep pace with changing technology.


DoD rolls out Cloud Computing Strategy

DoD CIO rolled out its Cloud Computing Strategy which lays the groundwork, consistent with the Joint Information Environment framework, for achieving cloud adoption in the Department. It focuses on the creation of Department core data centers, DoD enterprise cloud infrastructure and sustainment of cloud services.

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Teri Takai
Teri Takai 
"Information is our
greatest strategic asset."

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IT Modernization  The DoD CIO's 10 Point Plan for IT Modernization targets the most pressing, near-term challenges and presents approaches to efficiently and effectively deliver agile, secure, integrated, and responsive IT capabilities. This plan will enable the DoD to reduce costs and deliver faster, more responsive capabilities, while improving interoperability, user satisfaction, cyber security, and, ultimately, mission success. The primary goal is to enable agile, secure, efficient and effective IT for DoD.

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  • Privacy Best Practices for #SocialMedia: Today, social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and others have become part of our daily routine, connecting us with others to get the latest news and trends or to stay up to date on our favorite topics. In government, Federal agencies are leveraging social media websites to engage customers, understand and address issues raised by the public, and advance operational missions. To assist agencies with leveraging these communication tools, the CIO Council has published a new guide: Privacy Best Practices for Social Media.  Story (source: CIO.Gov)
  • Spectrum is necessary for DOD operations: Teri Takai says the Department of Defense wants to use less spectrum while still being able to operate. Video (source: Washington Post)
  • Teri Takai’s challenges are ‘just like yours’:  Most might assume the Defense Department’s chief information officer’s daily struggles differ significantly from other IT professionals’ obstacles. Everyone — except Teri Takai.   Story (source: Fedscoop) Video (source: Youtube)
  • Takai: First Lady of Shared Services:  Is it safe to call Defense Department Chief Information Officer Teri Takai the “First Lady of Shared Services?” Even with a $38 billion information technology budget, Takai is facing budget cuts like the rest of the federal government, but is in a unique situation: Her problem is not finding technology, but managing all that she has and a big aspect of that will be finding services and projects that can be shared governmentwide.  Story (source: Fedscoop)
  • How to Find 'Blended' IT- Business Pros:  With the largest IT budget in the world at her disposal, you might think the CIO of the Department of Defense could just order up whatever IT talent she needs. Yet Teri Takai encounters the same challenge that technology chiefs in every industry wrestle with today: finding that elusive "blended" IT-business professional.  Story (source: CIO Magazine)