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U.S. Department of Defense

Mr. Halvorsen to assume acting DOD CIO post

The Department of the Navy’s chief information officer, Terry Halvorsen, will assume the position of acting Defense Department CIO on May 21. The appointment comes just two weeks after David DeVries assumed the post from former CIO Teri Takai, who left the department May 2.

Terry Halvorsen

Electromagnetic Spectrum Strategy (EMS)

The U.S. Department of Defense released a report of its Electromagnetic Spectrum Strategy (EMS) to increase available spectrum in order to meet growing demand from the commercial wireless industry while maintaining critical military capabilities.


Joint Information Environment (JIE)

DoD has under taken an ambitious effort to realign and restructure the construction, operation, and defense of its information technology (IT) networks and systems. The result will be a secure, JIE with shared IT infrastructure, enterprise services, and a single security architecture.

Joint Information Environment

Mobility Strategy

DoD has taken a leadership role in leveraging mobile device technology to improve information sharing, collaboration, and efficiencies. The DoD mobility strategy identifies information technology (IT) goals and objectives to capitalize on the full potential of mobile devices. It focuses on improving three areas critical to mobility: wireless infrastructure, mobile devices, and mobile applications.


Spectrum Strategy Paves Way for New Technologies

Teri Takai, center, the Defense Department’s chief information officer, Air Force Maj. Gen. Robert E. Wheeler, left, the department's deputy CIO, and Frederick J. Moorefield Jr., right, the department's director of spectrum policy and programs, brief reporters on the department's release of its electromagnetic spectrum strategy.

Spectrum Strategy

View from the Front Office

Terry HalvorsenTerry Halvorsen (Acting)

"Information is our
greatest strategic asset."

Vision / Mission
DoDD 5144.02
CIO logo The JIE will enable a versatile, responsive and decisive Joint Force and will provide a critical advantage relative to our adversaries.
(Gen Martin E. Dempsey, USA; Chairman, JCS - JIE White Paper, 22 Jan 2013)


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Joint Information Environment
Joint Information Environment (JIE) is a secure environment comprised of a single security architecture with a shared information technology (IT) infrastructure and enterprise services. JIE follows enforceable standards, specifications, and procedures. The primary goal of the JIE is to make the Department more effective and more secure against cyber threats and vulnerabilities. A secondary goal is... (Read more)

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NDIA C4ISR Breakfast

August 7, 2014 at Hyatt Crystal City, Arlington, VA , Mr. Fredrick Moorefield, Director, Spectrum Policy & Programs is scheduled to participate this event.

The C4 and ISR committees provide a forum for industry and government C4ISR industrial base executives to address the pressing policy, technology and budgetary matters associated with the gamut of US and Coalition deployment requirements for which interconnected platform, system support and mission control are critical to achieving commander’s intent.

Fedtalks 2014

November 6, 2014 at Washington DC, Mr. Halvorsen is scheduled to participate this event.

FedTalks ​is ​the ​largest ​annual ​gathering ​of ​the ​top ​1000 ​leaders ​from ​the ​tech ​and ​government ​IT ​communities ​coming ​together ​from ​around ​the ​country ​to ​D.C. ​for ​one ​day ​to ​discuss ​how ​technology ​and ​people ​can ​change ​government ​and ​our ​communities.