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Most Internet-based Capability (IbC) providers require acceptance of Terms of Service (ToS) agreements before activating accounts, however, standard ToS are often inappropriate for acceptance for official use by Department of Defense (DoD) employees and other authorized users. Therefore, the DoD only agrees to ToS that have been reviewed, modified if necessary, and approved for DoD-wide application by the DoD Chief Information Office (CIO). Review the template for establishing a ToS agreement for DoD usage.

Recent Guidance:






The government amendment to the Facebook terms of use covers all Facebook services. The amendment applies when using Facebook in an official government capacity.
Guidance for use of Facebook can be found on the DoD Education and Training page.


DoD has not established specific Terms of Service with Twitter; however several other Federal agency attorneys have determined that Twitter's standard ToS present no legal problems for their agencies. DoD employees who need to use Twitter for mission purposes should seek review by legal counsel and command authorization prior to accepting the standard ToS.
Be familiar with Twitter's Privacy Policy.


Use of YouTube requires acceptance of YouTube's Standard ToS. Use at your own risk as the Department of Defense does not have a signed ToS with YouTube.
Be familiar with YouTube's Privacy Policy.