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DoD Information Enterprise Architecture Release

The Department of Defense Information Enterprise Architecture (DoD IEA) version 2.0 was approved by the DoD CIO on August 10, 2012 for immediate use and supersedes the previous DoD IEA v1.2 that was released on May 10, 2010. It improves upon v1.2’s description of priority areas, principles and rules, and activities by describing a manageable set of discrete capabilities that are critical to the evolution of the Information Enterprise (IE). It provides the common vocabulary for describing the capabilities, activities, and services to achieve the Joint Information Environment (JIE).

Version 2.0 consists of two Volumes and an emerging set of Reference Architectures. Volume I is a managerial and key decision-maker overview of the lEA v2.0. Volume II is an architect's compendium with detailed architecture guidance on using and complying with lEA v2.0. The enterprise-wide Reference Architectures (RAs) play a key role in extending the lEA and providing more detailed information to guide and constrain solutions and implementations for a specific focus area.

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DoD Information Enterprise Architecture Products

This website represents the primary method for distributing the DoD IEA. The DoD IEA v2.0 has evolved to a capability-based description of the DoD IE and provides expanded and enhanced information and analysis. The full set of Architecture products is available on the left side menu under the "IEA Artifacts" section. Key content provided in the DoD IEA v2.0 includes:

Operational Requirements Basis: Describes the Operational Context and requirements that drive the IE. Primarily focuses on the incorporation of the GIG 2.0 ORA into the DoD IEA.

Required IE Capabilities: Provides Capability Taxonomy (CV-2) for the IE. Describes the capabilities the IE must provide for end-users and the enabling capabilities needed to deliver these end-user capabilities.

Operational Activity Description: Provides an expanded and enhanced Operational Activity Node Tree Decomposition (OV-5a). Describes the activities that are performed to develop, manage, operate and use the IE.

Services View: Provides and discusses the services context description showing the relationship of the IE enterprise services and sub-services to capabilities and service implementation programs (SvcV-1). It also provides and discusses the enterprise services and sub-services for the IE (SvcV-4).

Linkage of Activities, Services, and Rules to Capabilities: Provides an excel worksheet showing the activities, services and rules that are needed to provide a given capability.

Compliance Criteria: Provides enhanced guidance and criteria for complying with the DoD IEA and the DoD Enterprise Architecture (EA).

Illustrative Use Cases: Provides example use cases describing potential actions and DoD IEA content involved in supporting key stakeholders in the performance of their tasks and responsibilities.