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Steve Diessner

Acting Principal Director for Resources & Analysis

Photograph of Steve Diessner

Mr. Steve Diessner currently serves as the Acting Principal Director for the Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Resources and Analysis, within the Office of the DoD CIO. In this role, he provides advice and direction to ensure that information technology and cyber priorities are appropriately resourced throughout DoD; that the office of the DoD CIO has effective administration and management; and that DoD CIO appropriately implements statues; such as ensuring implementation of the Federal Records Act by promoting a DoD Records Management capability that enables effective use of information as a DoD strategic asset, and complies with the law.

Prior to this role, Mr. Diessner served as Director for CIO Statutory Implementation, the DoD Records Officer, and the Chief of Capability Assessment and Integration. As the DoD CIO lead for development of the DoD CIO Capability Programming Guidance, and Program and Budget Review, he was instrumental in the re-allocation of over $20 Billion to higher priority capability needs.

Mr. Diessner has over 33 years’ of experience in the Department of Defense, having served 20 years in the Air Force, and 13 years is the Office of the DoD CIO. While in the Air Force, he served as a Master Space Operation Officer, with a final tour leading a Joint Staff team as the Assistant Deputy Director for Operations in the National Military Command Center.

Mr. Diessner holds a Master of Business Administration from University of Colorado, a Master of Military Operational Arts and Sciences from Air University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from California State University.