Reduce the Cost of DoD IT


Business Process

The Deputy Secretary of Defense charged the DoD CIO and the Deputy Chief Management Officer

to co-lead reviews of business processes and the supporting information technology systems within the organizations of the Principal Staff Assistants (PSAs) and associated Defense agencies and Field Activities. In response, DoD CIO stood up the Office of the Deputy CIO for Business Process and Systems Review (BPSR) to address the CIO-related responsibilities associated with this effort.

The goal of this organization is to reduce the cost of IT across the Department.

To achieve this goal, it focuses on performance management, data management, analytics, and the PSA business process and systems reviews. The DCIO for BPSR:

  • Identifies and reviews IT savings and process improvement opportunities
  • Enables accountability for the execution of activities related to proposed savings and process changes
  • Ensures that data is discoverable, accessible, understandable, and accurate to effectively support business decisions
  • Informs decision-making processes by delivering advanced analytics

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As DoD focuses on reducing the cost of management headquarters and maintaining readiness while modernizing capability, it must continue to scrutinize activities for the purpose of identifying ways to improve effectiveness and agility.



Analytics is an integral piece of conducting effective and worthwhile PSA organizational reviews. As the Department strives to reduce management headquarters costs while also enhancing mission effectiveness and cyber security ...

Data Management


As DoD strives to operate within a cost-conscious culture while also enhancing mission effectiveness and cyber security, data management across the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) must be addressed in a new, fresh way.

Performance Management


Performance management is critical to the success of the BPSR effort and drives the ability to save and/or reallocate overhead dollars to support mission-critical functions within the Department.