Modernize the Networks


JRSS Facility

Our top priority to modernize the Department’s network infrastructure is called the Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS).

Today, the DoD has about one-thousand disparate security suites facilitated by separate, individualized, and localized Service and Agency systems, all configured differently.

Transitioning to the regionally based, centrally_managed suite of security appliances known as JRSS will simplify and secure this complex, complicated, and at times convoluted environment, dramatically reducing our “attack surface.”

JRSS is a joint effort amongst the Military Services, led by the DoD CIO, which serves as the foundation for this network security modernization effort. It will normalize security for the Department, and consolidate our security posture across the infrastructure. It will also improve overall cyber situational awareness by enabling better data allowing a central view of the cyber environment, and improving immediate action and predictive planning capabilities.

Additional Information about the JIE (August 1, 2016)

Deployed Meade Soldier supports users access to information technology

Deployed Meade Soldier supports users access to information technology

PARWAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan (June 16, 2011) -- Sgt. Maria A. Jimenez deployed from the 741st Military Intelligence Battalion at Fort Meade and arrived in Afghanistan in January on a yearlong tour.