Maximize Spectrum Access to Enhance Operational Effectiveness


Spectrum The Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) is a finite resource that the DoD recognizes and values as an operating environment.
This environment is increasingly becoming congested and contested as technology evolves and proliferates. Technology capabilities and mission needs breed new spectrum access requirements that are substantially complex. Within such a rapidly changing EMS environment, more flexible spectrum access has become most critical to the warfighter.

The Department is proactively engaged with Industry along with National and International partners to develop and exploit the technologies which will enable the most efficient use of the EMS and ensure global operational flexibility. DoD is leading Spectrum Policy evolution which will allow all who operate within the EMS to take advantage of these technologies. The main component of this evolution towards the efficient use of the EMS is equitable sharing among all users within the environment. This practical approach includes the development of, and access to, testing standards, sharing technologies, and trust relationships among Federal and Non-Federal users of spectrum. DoD must balance the competing demands for spectrum to support national security and foster economic development. The Department will continue to proactively examine ways to gain efficiency within the EMS while leading the world in the development and testing of dynamic technologies which will help America and its partners succeed in the future.

DoD is focused on maximizing warfighter operational effectiveness with assured spectrum access when faced with these new operating realities and technological possibilities. Ultimately, DoD’s goal is to secure mission success by advancing electromagnetic spectrum superiority as part of fielded capabilities, supported by innovation through partnerships, trusted engineering, proof of concept and rapid transition to operations.


Frequency Allocations

DoD Spectrum Team Receives National Intelligence Meritorious Award

Oct. 11, 2016 - Teams from nearly every federal agency, including the Defense Department, are working on strategies and technologies to make the most agile use of the radio frequency spectrum...


National Advanced Spectrum and Communications Test Network (NASCTN)

Mission: Increase Federal and commercial spectrum access by accelerating the development & deployment of spectrum sharing technologies...


Spectrum Access R&D Program

DoD CIO is partnering across DoD and leveraging the National Spectrum Consortium (NSC) to foster technology and innovation, based on trust, partnerships and sound engineering.

EMS Strategy

EMS Spectrum Strategy

Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) access is a prerequisite for modern military operations. DoD's growing requirements to gather, analyze, and share information rapidly: to control ...

National Spectrum

National Spectrum Policy Engagement

DoD CIO fully supports the national economic and security goals of national broadband initiatives while ensuring national security capabilities are preserved and military requirements are met for spectrum access.

Cryptologic Technician


Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) enable Joint and Coalition forces to maintain access to the EMS while denying our adversaries ability to do the same. Ensuring Leadership and operators understand and appreciate the Electromagnetic Spectrum Operating Environment(EMOE) is absolutely critical to modern warfare.
International Engagements

International Engagements

DoD CIO International Engagements office ensures all Command, Control, and Communications (C3) and Information Technology (IT)-related international activities are managed. These activities include NATO and non-NATO bilateral / multilateral relationships, national disclosure policy, technology transfer, and export control.

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