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Modernization Efforts Cloud computing plays a critical role in the Department of Defense’s IT modernization efforts. 
It underpins the plan for an interoperable, single cloud-based enterprise IT platform for the entire DoD capable of accommodating all of the Services, other DOD components, and coalition partners. The requirements for this enterprise cloud will be met with multiple private and Commercial cloud service providers (CSPs) that are securely connected to the DoD Information Networks (DODIN).

With the Department's cloud policies, the publication of the DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide, the publication of cloud contracting guidance and the publication of Business Case Analysis guidance, the DoD CIO has established the foundation for the Department to expand its use of commercially-hosted cloud services. DoD actively partners with industry in distributing DoD’s data to the cloud.

The DoD CIO is aggressively focused on removing any remaining barriers to expanding the use of commercially-hosted services. Collaboration with mission, industry, and academic partners is essential to optimize the Department's adoption of commercial cloud services and address any technical challenges that must be overcome.

Network Enablers

Network Enablers

As a component of its services, Product Director Common Hardware Systems, or PdD CHS,
ruggedizes hardware and provides environmental testing to ensure that equipment meets
operational standards. Based on environmental and mission requirements, customers can
choose from three levels of ruggedization for their equipment, such as this Pocket-sized
Forward Entry Device, which is used in fire support operations.

KC-10 Load Management Application


Airman 1st Class Carson Ponder reviews the features of the iPad KC-10 Load Management
application Sept. 26, 2014, at Scott Air Force Base, Ill. He was part of a team of more than
a dozen programmers that built the award winning app, which earned the "Outstanding
Information Technology Achievement in Government" Award



MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Virginia - Beginning in 2015, Marines conducting
civil-military operations will have the ability to collect, process, analyze and share information
using software from a smartphone. The mobile application, called MARCIMS, was developed
by Marine Corps Systems Command and through science and technology funding from the
Office of Naval Research.