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The DoDAF Architecture Framework Version 2.02, Change 1

Welcome to DoDAF Version 2.02, Change 1!   This is the official and current version for the Department of Defense

Architecture Framework. 

Version 2.02, Change 1 is the current release of DoDAF as of January 2015.

 DODAF V2.02

The DoDAF specification comprises four volumes:

  • Volume I, the manager’s volume, provides general information and guidance for development, use, and management of DoD architectures. This volume explains the role of architecture within core DoD processes and key DoD architecture concepts are identified and defined. Download DoDAF v2.02, Change 1, Volume I.

  • Volume II, the architect’s volume: 1) defines architectural viewpoints and models, and 2) specifies the DM2 at a conceptual and logical level, through an elaboration of the key concepts.  Models depict a subset of architectural data within a viewpoint. Once populated with data, models associated with the viewpoint can present these data. The DoDAF specifies over 50 standard models within eight viewpoints.  The DM2 supports creating additional custom, fit for purpose, models to present architectural data within or across viewpoints for specific stakeholders and their specific needs. Download DoDAF v2.02, Change 1, Volume II

  • Volume III, the developer’s volume, discusses the ontological foundation for DM2 and specifies the physical level format for the exchange of DoDAF-compliant architectural data.  This volume is for developers of architectural description analytics, tools, databases, repositories, and simulations. Download DoDAF v2.02, Change 1, Volume III.

  • To download the DoDAF v2.02 Change 1 Physical Exchange Specification (PES), go to the DoD Data and Services Environment (DSE) Architecture namespace at  (CAC Required)

  • Volume IV, the DoDAF Journal, publishes descriptions of other best practices, lessons learned, and reference documents that supplement the information contained in the three volumes of the DoDAF, including a discussion of the DoDAF OWL exchange specification.  This volume provides information only and is not part of DoDAF conformance. Download DoDAF v2.02, Change 1, Volume IV.

    DoDAF Conformance

    DoD Components are expected to conform to DoDAF to the maximum extent possible in development of architectures within the Department. Conformance ensures that reuse of information, architecture artifacts, models, and viewpoints can be shared with common understanding. Conformance is expected in both the classified and unclassified communities, and further guidance will be forthcoming on specific processes and procedures for the classified architecture development efforts in the Department.

    DoDAF conformance is achieved when:

    • The data in a described architecture is defined according to the DM2 concepts, associations, and attributes.
    • The architectural data is capable of transfer in accordance with the PES.

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