DISA IA Support Environment Team – Winner, Team Category – DoD CIO 2015 Awards

Team: Defense Info Systems Agency (DISA) Info Assurance Support Environment (IASE) Team

  • Donald Jenkins, Division Chief
  • Jose Ramos-Roman, Branch Chief
  • Sophia Paros, Cyber Technical Development Support Pillar Lead & IASE PM
  • Del Michel, Division ISSM

Background: Despite a 10% budget-cut mandate in fiscal year 2015, DISA continued to provide IASE portal support to the entire DoD Cybersecurity workforce. The DoD IASE is one of the most widely used cybersecurity-trusted sources for DoD, Federal and foreign coalition partners, State, and local authorities, as well as partners in industry and academia. Support provided by the IASE Portal included 520 Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG), Joint Regional Security Stack (JRSS) baseline knowledge and familiarization training (launched in 2015), and 286 annual Cybersecurity Training.

Functional Areas: Cyberspace Workforce; Enterprise Architecture; Enterprise Services; IT Efficiencies

Judging Criteria: Broad User Base, Cost Avoidance/Savings, Improved Information Delivery/Dissemination


BLUF: In fiscal year 2015, the IASE program management team successfully sustained the IASE Portal, despite a 10% budget cut and while clean sheeting a new contract award that added 40% more savings. The IASE Portal continues to support over four-million DoD, Federal and foreign coalition partners, State, and local authorities, as well as partners in industry and academia, with more than 107 million hits every year. The IASE portal is projected to save more than $5 million through fiscal year 2020.

  • Implemented first DISA-accredited commercial cloud instantiation; IASE Public became one of the Department’s first commercial cloud sites implemented in Amazon Web Services, decommissioning legacy DISA Enterprise Computing Centers servers and services and resulting in 16% cost savings
  • Maintained daily operations, gained customer-facing efficiencies, and streamlined contract support funding from $2.2 million to $1.5 million, resulting in 40% cost savings for fiscal year 2015
  • Provides 24/7, 365-day continuity of operations without degrading services or increasing costs
  • Received and processed more than 370 cybersecurity content update requests, resulting in updates to almost 40 subject matter areas and averaging 62 individual updates to the portal every month
  • Registered 2,386 Component Commands, Military Services, and Defense Agencies classroom students, graduating 2,335 students with a 91% classroom fill rate and a 0.02% failure rate
  • Implemented the JRSS baseline knowledge and familiarization training subject matter area on IASE, resulting in 4,375 annual visits and averaging 145 visits per day.
  • Provided STIG news announcements to more than 17,500 STIG subscribers across the Department, Federal and foreign coalition partners, State and local authorities, and partners in industry and academia with a projected fiscal year 2015 growth rate of 15%.
  • Facilitated the launch of 43 Web-based Training (WBT) modules more than 167,500 times in fiscal year 2015 to facilitate recurring annual mandatory cybersecurity training.
  • Issued 7,575 completion certificates in FY2015 from the Cyber Tools Training subject matter area.