AFIN AMAC Development Team - Winner, Team Category – DoD CIO 2015 Awards

Team: Air Force Information Network (AFIN) Mission Assurance Center (AMAC) Development Team:

  • 1st Lt Justin Smith – Officer in Charge, AMAC
  • Capt Ronald Chestang – Officer in Charge, AMAC Operations
  • TSgt Ryan Milette – Section Chief, AFIN Operations
  • TSgt Arthur Ross – Section Chief, AFIN Readiness
  • TSgt Kameron Beckett – Section Chief, Orders Management
  • SSgt Flavio Marroquin – NCOIC, Cyber Sensor Team
  • SSgt Lamont Griffin – Operations Controller
  • SSgt Aaron Bonner – Operations Controller
  • SSgt Trevor Wood – Operations Controller
  • SrA Jesus Solis – Operations Controller
  • SrA Lawrence McKibben – Operations Controller

Background: On July 30, 2014, the Commander of Air Forces Cyber (AFCYBER) directed the 690th Cyberspace Operations Group to create a 24x7 AMAC to provide near real-time monitoring of the availability of the global Air Force network; coordinate repair, preventive maintenance, and network modifications; and direct global passive-defense countermeasures to create permanent defensive advantages enterprise-wide. In response, the AFIN AMAC Development Team drove this new organization to reach initial operating capability on November 17, 2014 and created a 24x7 capability on June 1, 2015. From the beginning of this initiative, this team has provided Air Force customers and mission partners with full situational awareness of enterprise network events, while enabling AFCYBER to effectively prioritize maintenance actions on an enterprise-level.

Functional Areas: Enterprise Architecture; Enterprise Services; IT Efficiencies

Judging Criteria: Management Efficiency/Effectiveness; Cost Avoidance/Savings; Broad User Base; Improved Process(es); Mission Impact


BLUF: Revamped global AFIN Operations processes, saving 83,000 manpower hours annually across three organizations. During this time, the AMAC hardened more than 978 million vulnerabilities enterprise-wide securing 850,000 systems. Lastly, this team managed the installation of the Virtual Enterprise Service Desk application thus redefining the Air Force’s IT service support architecture, saving over $9 million in manpower. This initiative affects all Airmen, Air Force civilians and contractors that work for the Air Force.

  • Orchestrated the installation of the Air Force Virtual Enterprise Service Desk application, a technological solution that redefined the Air Force’s IT service support architecture and saved $9 million in manpower
  • Led stand-up support to the AFCYBER Cyber Vulnerability Assessment/Hunt Weapon System at Scott AFB; resulted in activation of six Cyber Protection Teams available for Combatant Command tasking
  • Directed over 1100 software patches and security configuration changes to harden the Air Force network against 978 million vulnerabilities and secure 850,000 Air Force systems enterprise-wide
  • Spearheaded onboarding an automated vulnerability compliance tracker and IT monitoring system, enhancing AFCYBER’s ability to monitor and respond to risks while providing a common operating picture
  • Finalized Air Force email conversion to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) enterprise wide solution, which is technical solution saves over $120K in annual maintenance costs