ARNG Enterprise IT Services Mgmt Team – Winner, Team Category – DoD CIO 2015 Awards

Team: Army National Guard (ARNG) Enterprise IT Service Management (ITSM) Team

  • MAJ Luis Delgado, CW4 Elias, Maurice Lynch, Donavon Frazier, Mike Huff, Brian Evans, Ava Ann Vrooman, Colleen Bonner, James Brockman, Scott Jeffers, and William Chen

    Background: Over the past year the ARNG Enterprise ITSM team implemented new capabilities or functionalities, added or enhanced technologies, and introduced or matured processes that have increased demand, capacity, and efficiency, including implementation of an enterprise service portal and State service portals. With these solutions and services, States avoid funding hardware, license, maintenance, and support costs by migrating from six different tools used that were used previously. At the Enterprise level, the team reduced licensing costs by more than $7.4 million over the next five years. Within the past year, the team added nine States, and now supports 21 States and Territories and more than 66,000 users. It is important to note in the National Guard, the States have a choice to draw support at the State or Federal level. There is a waiting list of new States requesting access to Enterprise ITSM solutions, and States that currently have access to the ITSM suite are also requesting additional services.

    Functional Areas: Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Services, IT Efficiencies

    Judging Criteria: Broad User Base; Cost Avoidance/Savings; Improved Information Delivery/Dissemination; Improved Process(es); Management Efficiency/Effectiveness; Mission Impact


    BLUF: Implemented new functionality, improved efficiencies, and matured processes that had a significant impact across the ARNG. Personnel at both the State and Enterprise levels are benefitting from these solutions and services by realizing more efficient processes for business operations and finding significant cost savings or cost avoidance. Additional ARNG States and organizations are now requesting the ARNG Enterprise ITSM solutions and services, and those States that are currently using them are requesting additional services as they start to fully understand and realize the potential offered.

    • Streamlined processes and support across the ARNG – the nine States added during this period were initially using six different tools – and as a result, facilitated cost savings and cost avoidance
    • Executed a disciplined process for documenting and tracking new service requests and incidents
    • Implemented modules for functionality, technology, and process during the past year, including:
    • Users now enter their own service request tickets via a Web portal
    • Enterprise Service Portal: implemented nine categories with fifteen distinct services
    • State Service Portal implemented twelve State portals with generic request items
    • Personnel can create and view Knowledge Articles as a form of self-help; 151 created to date
    • Implemented advanced workflows and a Forward Schedule of Change calendar
    • Imported 1,800 records from a legacy system
    • Created and automated survey for six different services
    • Implemented a COTS single sign-on solution that supports CAC-based authentication
    • Enhanced geographical Disaster Recovery and other critical efforts through infrastructure migration that also reduces total cost of ownership for service by consolidating infrastructure
    • Reduced simultaneous users, freeing up more capacity and licenses
    • Improved onboarding process by collecting foundation data and coordinating training