DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) Annual Awards Program

The DoD CIO Annual Awards Program has been conducted for over 15 years in the spirit of the Government Employees Incentive Award Act to foster public and internal recognition of significant achievements by members of the DoD cyberspace workforce in information resources management. Awards are personally presented by the DoD CIO to individuals and to teams for outstanding accomplishments in the CIO functional areas of capital planning and investment control; command, control and communications capabilities; cybersecurity; enterprise architecture; enterprise services; information technology efficiencies; network operations; position, navigation and timing; and spectrum.

Nominations for the award are submitted by and through DoD Component CIOs, following guidance published by the DoD CIO in May or June of each year. The DoD CIO convenes an awards panel in September to select the final winners. Thereafter, awards are presented in a formal ceremony in the Pentagon in November or December.

In 2015, there were 57 team nominations and 33 individual nominations from which 6 winning teams and 4 individual winners were selected. A summary of the ceremony was published by the Defense Media Activity and pictures were provided by the Army Multimedia Visual Information Directorate.

For more information, please contact the DoD CIO Annual Awards Program Manager via email or telephone, 571-372-4484.