Capt. Amber Oar – Individual Category (Second Place- tie) – DoD CIO 2015 Annual Awards

Name and Rank: Air Force Capt. Amber Oar

Position: Acquisition Program Manager / Program Manager, Air Force (AF) Information Technology (IT) Business Analytics Office

Background: Starting as only a 1st Lieutenant, she garnered the trust of senior leadership, from the Division-level up through the Secretary of the Air Force, to initialize and grow the Air Force Information Technology Business Analytics Office at the direction of Secretary of the Air Force (SAF). In turn, she led the U.S. Air Force’s “Bending the IT Cost Curve” initiative for the SAF.

Functional Areas: Capital Planning and Investment Control; Enterprise Services; IT Efficiencies

Judging Criteria: Improved Information Delivery/Dissemination; Cost Avoidance/Savings; Broad User Base; Improved Process(es)


BLUF: Conducted analysis and discovered data sources in support of the IT Business Analytics Office that will lead the Air Force to achieving at least 20% savings in IT spending by fiscal year 2018.

  • Stood up the AF’s only IT Business Analytics Office and planned SAF’s “Bending the IT Cost Curve” initiative, enabling data-driven decisions for the $7 billion AF IT budget
  • Presented $68 million AF Enterprise overspend on IT to the IT Governance Executive Group within the Directorate's Action Officer for SAF IT “Bending the Cost Curve” initiative
  • Developed and piloted AF data analysis methodology and processes; analyzed six disparate databases, baselining the $3 billion AF IT Cost Curve (excluding weapon systems spend)
  • Detected the root cause of a data issue and teamed with 300 users at ten AF Major Commands; the fix for this data issue is projected to save 100,000 labor hours annually
  • Identified cost savings opportunities and analyzed $2.5 billion spending, with a forecasted $30 million cost avoidance, receiving personal praise from the Assistant SAF for Acquisition
  • Led a three-member data-cleanup effort for 1.4 million items, increasing data quality by 92%, which provided authoritative hardware procurement information for a $2.1 billion spend
  • Validated vendor sales data to satisfy audit requirements; used by two program management offices with $9 billion contract vehicles – validated $700 million of fiscal year 2014 IT spend data
  • Championed Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request traceability, discovering data sources and linkages and accounting for $2.6 billion in AF spending executed by twenty-one outside agencies
  • Drove IT Cost Curve Initiative for SAF and analyzed a $4.5 billion database that is projected to save $260 million for five-year requirements
  • Served as lead for the Office of the “Better Buying Power”/AF CIO IT spend analysis and championed cost avoidance for eight programs—enabling AF senior leadership decision making for a projected annual savings of $300 million
  • Initiated first identification of AF mandatory use violations for IT procurement, and found more than $200 million of AF IT spending outside of mandatory-use contract vehicles
  • Led six-member team in the first-ever AF IT Inventory scrub, which analyzed 1.3 million items worth $3 billion and identified $46 million of AF overspending
  • Authored 90-pg market research report that identified eleven new candidate IT commodity areas, which resulted in an estimated $213 million cost avoidance over six years