DIB CS/IA Program

Sharing cyber threat information between the Government and Industry is a priority in the Administration, Congress and in DoD. In support of this objective, the Department established the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (CS/IA) program.

Under the voluntary DIB CS/IA program, DoD and DIB participants share cyber threat information in order to enhance the overall security of unclassified DIB networks, reduce damage to critical programs, and increase DoD and DIB cyber situational awareness.

Through the program’s operational focal point, the DoD Cyber Crime Center (DC3), DoD and DIB participants share unclassified and classified cyber threat information in near real-time to identify and respond to adversary activity. This sharing increases DoD and DIB participants' knowledge of the ever-growing cyber threat, resulting in greater capability and effectiveness at mitigating the risk.

The 2015 DoD Cyber Strategy calls for expanding companies participating in information sharing programs such as the DIB CS/IA program. The program is open to cleared defense contractors that meet certain eligibility criteria. Because the DIB CS/IA program is built upon a strong trust relationship between DoD and Industry participants, DoD protects sensitive non-public information from unauthorized use and disclosure.








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DoD CIO 2015 Awards

DoD CIO honored the recipients of the 2015 DoD CIO Award for Cyber and IT Excellence in a ceremony at the Pentagon on December 1, 2015. Protecting the warfighter, securing government networks, and identifying millions of dollars in savings, are among some of the accomplishments of this year's winners. The 2015 winners of the DoD CIO Award were:

  • First Place: Mr. Matthew A. Sion
  • Second Place: (Tie) Captain James D. Nicholson
  • Second Place: (Tie) Captain Amber R. Oar
  • Third Place: Clint E. Maddox
  • Teams
  • Air Force Information Network, Mission Assurance Center Development Team, USAF
  • Army National Guard, Enterprise IT Service Management Team, National Guard Bureau
  • Data Center Consolidation and Recapitalization Team, NGA
  • Information Assurance Support Environment Program Management Team, DISA
  • Tactical Infrastructure Enterprise Services, Coalition Warfare Program Team, Joint Staff
  • Project Ghostfire Team, NGA
  • More information about the DoD CIO Annual Awards Program

    Enterprise Information Technology Business Case Analysis Template

    DoD CIO has established an Enterprise Information Technology Business Case Analysis (BCA) template - please click here to read the associated memo. This BCA template is based on industry and DoD best practices, and it standardizes the approach and criteria for analyzing IT investments. It helps DoD:
    • Ensure consistency and compare alternatives
    • Define expected costs, benefits, impacts, and risks
    • Facilitate an "apples to apples" cost comparison of proposed IT investments
    • Remain consistent with cost estimation guidance from the Director of CAPE

    Please click here to download this BCA template.

    Information Technology Exchange Program (ITEP)

    ITEP is the temporary exchange of DoD and private sector employees who work in the field of information technology between the two sectors. It provides a chance for DoD Components and private sector organizations to share best practices, gain a better understanding of each other's IT practices and challenges, and partner to address these challenges through assignments that range from three months to one year and encompass a wide range of areas. ITEP is an opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience, and skills between DoD and the private sector, which includes nonpublic or commercial individuals and businesses, nonprofit organizations, academia, scholastic institutions, and nongovernmental organizations. Click here to visit the ITEP Website.