Chief Information Officer

U.S. Department of Defense


Spectrum fuels modern military operations and capabilities through the Department's spectrum-dependent systems, which range from mobile phones to satellites and must be used around the world. Access to spectrum when and where the DoD needs it is critical to mission success. At the same time, spectrum drives the U.S. economy by enabling technology innovation and empowering countless mobile broadband services and applications used for home, health, office, education, and more. The June 2013 Presidential Memorandum recognizes that spectrum is needed for both national and economic security. By sustaining this vital balance, the Department is poised to become more capable both in peace and war, as well as a better spectrum steward in the nation's future use of this resource.

The Defense Department’s chief information officer today unveiled the Pentagon’s strategy for addressing the ever-increasing demand for wireless spectrum to achieve national security goals.

“All of our joint functions, our ability to fight, our movement and maneuver, fires, command and control, intelligence, protection and sustainment are accomplished with systems that depend on spectrum,” Teri Takai said. ....more