Chief Information Officer

U.S. Department of Defense


Mobility presents an area of great opportunity, and its pursuit is vital to DoD's future. The Department's mobility goal is to ensure access to information for the Warfighter - anywhere, anytime, on any device - and DoD is making progress on achieving this goal. Now that the mobile infrastructure is in place, DoD is looking ahead on the mobile horizon to better control of network access, by utilizing derived credentials; increased trust in network access, through things like app vetting and development tools; and improved information access, by designing mobile apps to use cloud-based services and support disconnected scenarios.

DoD Application Store

The Mobile Application Store (MAS) capability is an online digital electronic software distribution system that is part of the Mobile Device Management (MDM)-MAS system. Working in conjunction with the MDM, the MAS can deliver, update, and delete applications on the mobile device without the mobile device user having to return the device for service....more