Chief Information Officer

U.S. Department of Defense


DoD is undertaking an ambitious; multi-year IT modernization effort to achieve the Joint Information Environment (JIE). This effort will realign, restructure, and modernize how the Department’s IT networks and systems are constructed, operated, and defended. JIE will consolidate and standardize the design and architecture of the Department’s networks. Since JIE is not a Program of Record, it should be noted that the Department will utilize existing DoD Component programs, initiatives, technical refresh plans, acquisition processes, and funding to deploy and migrate the existing infrastructure to the JIE standards. Components were directed to participate in and implement JIE in April 2013.

Electronic Flight Bag

The DoD CIO discussed the vast opportunities mobile computing provides and its critical role in improving support for the Defense Department’s 600,000 mobile device users.

During the 4th annual MobileGov Summit at the Newseum, Teresa M. Takai said operational mobility pilot programs are a success story across the Defense Department’s components.

“The goal is to ensure the warfighter has access to information, anywhere, any time, on any device, and the DOD is making progress in achieving this goal,” she said. “These pilots allow DOD to gather lessons learned, identify cost reductions and improve productivity.” ....more